Spring 2013 Newsletter

As we welcome the return of the light and the warmth of spring’s beginnings, with the budding on the trees and plants peeping out from the soil, our awareness also turns inward. What are the sprouting going on in our inner realms, what is wanting to spring forth? I recall a quote from Peter Levine from, In an Unspoken Voice, Without the inner, the outer has no meaning and without the outer, the inner has no substance. As we join with the forces of the environment, it is a time to come from the depths of the composting, gestating material that the dropping into the depths of the sweet darkness has generated in us. I find that I am beginning to be able to reframe some of the struggling aspects of my life so that they are emerging with a more bouyant & fruitful tone. Again, so true, it is not what life challenges are given to us but our response to them that brings freedom and growth.

The immensity of our human potential is awesome. Did you know that within each human being, there is 12.5 billion miles of DNA strands and 10 trillion cells each of which is capable of 10,000 interactions, more than there are stars in the universe? And yet we so often see ourselves as stuck with no choice, no sense of our own empowerment. Usually, this is contained within our thoughts and beliefs with no connection to our sensate bodies.

As often as you can throughout your day, pay attention to your breath. Your breath is your locator, 10,000 times a day, a simple way to centre, taking in on the inhale (arousal) and letting go (rest and settle) on the exhale. As Eckhart Tolle speaks to in A New Earth: “Your breath is not something you do but something you witness. It has no form. It takes you away from thought, into the present moment, the key to personal transformation and inner space and peace.” So simple, yet sometimes so hard to remember!

We have come up with a new slogan for Continuum: OCCUPY THE BODY MOVEMENT. So I challenge you and myself to adopt this as a personal theme, adding your own colouration.

This spring, offerings include a weekend in April to pursue writing and Continuum with Ingrid Rose and myself, preceded by a free talk @ Banyen on March 24, a free introductory class April 19, a 6 week class series following, a residential weekend in May to allow the deepening of this process, and not to be missed, a four day workshop with Emilie Conrad in Seattle in May. Details of which are below.

With love and warm spring blessings, Doris
March 13, 2013

FREE INTRODUCTORY CLASS: Friday, April 19, 11am-2pm @ Yoga on 7th 156 E 7th, followed by 6 week ongoing class series May 10 – June 14. Investment: $175 (underemployed $150), early discount by April 27, $160.
Drop-ins $30 (Drop-ins after the 1st class only with Continuum experience).
Send $50 deposit to Doris @ 115-2033 Triumph St., Vancouver V5L 4X3.

MOVING INTO WORDS: THE HEART OF HEALING with Doris & Ingrid Rose @ Inner Evolution Healing Centre, 3263 Heather (between W16 & 17), Friday, April 26, 6:30-9:30pm, Saturday & Sunday, April 27-28, 12-6pm.
Investment: $195 (underemployed $180), early discount $175 by April 12.
Send $50 deposit to Doris @ 115-2033 Triumph St., Vancouver, BC V5L 4X3.
Free talk @ Banyen: Sunday March 24, 11:30am-1pm

Do you wonder how words arise from inner space and vibrate the breath into form? How the right word comes to reignite us when we’re stuck in our bodies and on the page? “Censor the body and you censor breath and speech at the same time. Write yourself. Your body must be heard.” (Helene Cixous)

Through our Continuum Movement journey, we begin to access our creativity and t(he(art) of healing. This inquiry developed by movement pioneer, Emilie Conrad, engages the primacy of the body’s fluid system through exploring breath, sound, sensation, awareness, curiosity and pleasure. In touch with the body’s evolutionary legacy, we find ourselves naturally supported, letting our sensate experience forge “words which dance and weep and make love and fight and kiss and perform miracles.” (Gertrude Stein)

Doris Maranda, Continuum Movement teacher, Registered Clinical Counsellor & Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, and Ingrid Rose, lyric prose writer & creative writing teacher, have been in a dance and dialogue with Continuum for 15 years. This passion has joined them in teaching workshops for the Women’s Spirituality Celebration as well as sharing the movement journey in their lives and work.

Information: www.ingridrose.com 604-301-3120
www.dorismaranda.com 604-254-0147

EMILIE CONRAD IN SEATTLE – MAY 3-6, 2013, Ancient Memories: A Journey into Our Human Origins, with Continuum’s founder & visionary.
For further information & registration: Doris Mosler, dhmosler@aol.com.

CONTINUUM IMMERSION: Residential weekend in North Vancouver, May 18-20 (the Victoria day long weekend). We will meet midday Saturday until midday Monday. Further details to follow soon. The number of participants will be limited so please contact Doris as soon as possible if you are interested.

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