Summer is coming – really!!!

Amazing amount of back and forth weather – reminds me of the need for diversity in our organic systems, in our physical bodies and in the natural environment. All life forms thrive on diversity! Well, this spring in our part of the planet is certainly giving us significant practice in this. Yet at the same time, we humans need enough of structure and familiarity for our brains and nervous system to calm down and settle enough for us to be able to tolerate and receive new information (bio-information that is) into our sensate awareness, our tissues and into our minds. It is interesting that when I can accept something new and different in myself, fear steps back and then I can also accept something different in others.

So we are planning another weekend Continuum workshop in Kamloops June 21-23. If you’re from that area or know someone who is, please pass on the information and contact my sponsor there for details: Audrey Meuse – It is so exciting to be carrying this work into other areas of our province and I so much appreciate those willing to do what it takes to bring it into their community.

One of our Continuum teachers in Los Angeles, has recently published her first novel, an exciting, refreshing and hilarious look at the going-ons in our culture. Donna and Ursula Save the World – Available now at Amazon Books.

“The most importantly funny book about love, sex and GMO seeds you will ever read” Donny and Ursula Save the World is a wakeup call to the potential dangers of genetically modified seeds and the disappearance of biodiversity couched in a funny, wild-romp, romantic-mishap adventure, about this odd couple. Donny and Ursula, who become unlikely heroes and join forces with even less likely characters (belly dancing feminists, outlaw guerilla gardeners, gun-crazy survivalists…) to save the world from a plot by an agribusiness giant to control the world food supply by owning all the seeds.

While this book is available now, please Click here to place your order: and Ursula Save the World

Summer Continuum time in Vancouver (at least as far as my teaching goes) will be limited to practice groups and perhaps some spontaneous one day or mini-allnighter events in a private home/studio. Please let me know if you are interested in either. You do need Continuum experience for these. This fall session will begin with a free introductory class on September 27, followed in October by an 8 week ongoing class series.

We are privileged to welcome other Continuum teachers to our community:

Sarah Puditti, an all-around wonderful person and inspiring teacher, will be teaching classes in Vancouver and on the North Shore this summer and fall. Please contact Sarah: 604-736-8841, for information on these classes.

Robert Litman,, formerly of Tucson, Arizona, is moving to Vashon Island, Seattle area, and will be teaching a residential workshop on his Breathable Body and Continuum work, on Vancouver Island in the Comox Valley, July 26-28. Check out his website for more information/flyer.

Cherionna Menzam-Stills ia returning to Vancouver this fall with Heart of the Embryo, A Continuum Movement Exploration workshop, September 28-29. We are combining my introductory class and her workshop on the same weekend so if you could experience Continuum at the class on September 27 and then make a decision to join Cherionna’s workshop (if there is still space.)

May you be blessed this summertime, slowing down and dropping down, with a renewed sense of passionate, fluid play in the fullness of summer warmth and oceanic waves, both inner and outer.

Until the next fall, much love, joy, peace and contentment with who you are & where you are,

May 28, 2013 Doris

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