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In a world that has so many things that can pull you outside of yourself and your body – there is Continuum. A place and time to fall deeper into yourself. Falling in love with self. Falling in love with Continuum. –Andy

continuum movement is the compass i rely on in exploring the inner and outer landscape. even as the direction of life is constantly changing, it keeps me on track, sensitizing me to each nuance of the flux this body is, journeying through time & space, informing and transforming.
—-Ingrid Rose, writer & teacher

“continuum touches my dark and hidden places and brings light and energy to my soul, heart and eyes”.
—-janice, Physio

“The continuum classes are an entry point into the vast experiences within my body otherwise unknown to me. My sense of myself, others and the world expands. I am happier.” —–Lynn

Continuum – through sound and movement I am able to access the depths of my inner being.

Following the practise with Doris enables me to explore new places within my body which are yearning to be acknowledged, accessed and released. After the practise my mind clears, my body relaxes and the world becomes a friendlier place to inhabit.

With the breath and certain movements I have been able to give lectures without a dry mouth, to fly to Europe without feeling jet lagged, and to reduce my back pain.
—-Jane, Physio

Continuum allows me to connect myself with Source in another way. The breathing, sounds, and movements create a space for the self to express, connecting the natural rhythms of the body with the natural rhythms of the universe, creating a feeling of wholeness. —–ML Continuum Participant

Continuum has brought in another level of reinforcement for me about the fact that ‘in is out’. Whatever challenges or upsets I may be experiencing I know I can breath and or resonate certain sounds to make a difference in how I feel….the effects are palpable. It is liberating to know that your body is the universe and anything is possible….just move as you have not moved before. —Beverly

My Continuum class is my sacred time once a week to explore & deepen my ever-changing self-awareness in the moment, with an incredible sense of discover & curiosity. With the help of the vibration of experimenting with a variety of sounds & Doris’ guided movement sequences, I discover my unique, slow, organic & authentic movements that are sensual, enlivening, deepening & nourishing. I value my weekly Continuum class immensely. —-Valerie, cranio-sacral therapist, Barbara Brennan healer

Continuum and Doris taught me to be whole again.    MF

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