With over 25 years experience as a somatically orientated counsellor, educator and therapist, I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor in B.C. and have a private practice in Vancouver.  I graduated from Antioch University with a Master’s in Humanistic Psychology in 1980. For 10 years following that, I had a private practice and co-led workshops and training programs specializing in eating disorders. In 2002, I completed a 3 year training in Somatic Experiencing (Dr. Peter Levine’s model of healing trauma (, as well as assisting and giving personal and consult sessions in Somatic Experiencing trainings throughout Canada and the U.S. In addition, I have taken a 3 year program with Kathy Kain in Touch Training for Psychotherapists, EMDR training (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), and incorporate into my work with clients, somatic movement ( and other modalities such as Gestalt, working with dreams and active imagination. I am currently attending Hakomi trainings ( in Vancouver. Hakomi is a therapeutic method, named by its founder, Ron Kurtz, as assisted self study which begins with loving presence and mindfulness.

I have been authorized by the Crime Victim Assistance to give counselling sessions.   Payment for the sessions is fully covered by the program; all you need is a case number from the police.

I hold in my vision and in my intent, that I am a guide and facilitator to my clients, enabling them to reconnect to their innate organic body wisdom and intelligence. I teach them to reestablish that connection and pathways to memories and emotions that have not been dealt with or which they have not completed processing in their lives. Together we open doorways through sensation awareness, tracking, embodying active imagination and dreams to access the unconscious and bring these hidden events to conscious awareness. This process enables them to access these events , bit by bit, while at the same time building resources, both inner and outer that allow these to be released, reprocessed and integrated into the individual’s awareness and nervous system. Peter Levine states that a person can only deal with and release a traumatic event to the extent that they are resourced.

As well as reconnecting to the self and learning tools & resources that assist the individual to stay with what is going on (so they don’t flood or dissociate), it is important to learn how to stay connected to ourselves and at the same time to connect to others, to be in relationship with other people and to the world around us. Much of our wounding happens in relationship, however, healing as well happens in relationship. I believe passionately in helping people to discover their own inner, spiritual, physical and creative wisdom and to learn how to resolve whatever gets in the way of this discovery.

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