Continuum Vancouver – Newsletter Fall 2006

For the past couple of weeks, I have been pondering upon a theme for this newsletter.   Then I had some news a few days ago which I am inspired to share with you and which provide a theme!    A few days ago, I learned that the engineers’ report on our complex had come in at $41 Million dollars to repair the buildings in the apartment complex where I live.   It may also be that the land will be sold to a developer who will buy us out (at a reduced rate from market value of course) and all the buildings will be torn down.   In either case, it means losing a great deal of financial security I had by purchasing my condo plus perhaps losing my home, maybe even having to move from Vancouver.    This news has certainly rocked my security boat and left me feeling overwhelmed, particularly coming so soon after my second hip surgery.

Things happen – a friend of mine was merrily going along in her life; everything was great.    Then coming home from a walk in the country last spring, she was run over by a marathon cyclist, and is now recovering from multiple fractures in one leg and arm.

Sometimes it is so difficult to see the meaning in these situations.

In my experience, one tends to move into coping and survival strategies (which definitely have their place.)   However, the question is:  How can we move through these events in a “response able” way, keeping our hearts & minds open to possibilities, how attend to the vulnerability as well as the calm eye in the heart of the storm in our core and stay with our creative and spiritual resources that we have been cultivating in our lives.   These difficulties do provide “grist for the mill.”    (Sometimes I could use a little less “grist!” )

Let’s see how we can move from the grist into “a dance born from the ability to dream.”    (Connie May Fowler, River of Hidden Dreams)

Emilie Conrad speaks of the importance of learning “adaptability” so that our organism develops the ability to respond to external events in our lives and in the environment, that this denotes a high level of intelligence.  My first Yoga teacher, Joel Kramer, defined “responsibility” as “able to respond.”   As he said, we can’t do much about what comes to us, but we can in our response to these occurrences.

I have faith that this situation will be resolved for me and the learning and the meaning will come.   Even though I’m not looking forward to going through the process, I know I will call on my internal resources as well as my external resources, which includes my family, friends and you in the community of which I am a part.     I am grateful  for you all being in my life, sharing in the journey.

With love & blessings,                                              Doris


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