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 As autumn intrudes its touches upon the long-awaited summer warmth, we begin to contemplate the renewal of the wintering, hibernating time of year & I begin to plan my offerings for the fall season. The seasons are such a poignant reminder of the ever-changing, ever-evolving nuances of our lives & how one metamophs into the other. It is also a reminder to let go of the things we no longer need, as the old leaves die & fall from the trees, carrying within the trunk, limbs & roots, the seeds of a new beginning in the spring. This prompted the first of my retreat days, “Letting Go” (see details below).

I am also reminded that Emilie Conrad often says that “Health is responsiveness” and as I continue the struggle to integrate the health events that occurred during the months of November last year into this spring, I remember other challenging times in my life, both physical & mental, which culminated in a deeper & more peaceful acceptance of what life has to offer. It was a process, not an over-night phenomena, & involved much frustration, even anger, the “why mes,” that we entertain as well as the grieving of the loss of what I identified with as “me,” that gave me a sense of worth & value. It is difficult to stay with & honour this place.

Although this time around, it feels different (perhaps each round gives one more depth of acceptance for oneself & empathy for others’ challenges) I still engage in the struggle & am not willing to “make it happen,” “it” being the place of peace & acceptance & a more agile connection to the Source, to that broader band of bio-intelligence that is the Self. I remember Ram Das speaking of the “grist for the mill,” that while it differs for each of us, it is our unique schooling. Michael Mead would call it, “The World behind the World.” It is important to embrace what is, to embody the dark time & see it through. In my attending to my own responsiveness, I am given an opportunity to clear my slate, to deal with unresolved issues hanging around in my psyche. This issue prompted my second retreat day, “Descent into Soul” (details below).

 Hoping you find the desire & the time to join me in the ongoing series of classes Wednesday mornings @ Alchemy or at one of the Retreat Days,

With love & blessings, Doris

August 21st, 2011



ONGOING – Wednesday mornings @ Alchemy Centre, 3-431 Mountain Hwy, North Vancouver (Main St exit – R off Main onto Mtn Hwy) 9:30am -12:30pm. FREE INTRODUCTORY CLASS – September 28th. Series – October 5-November 23. 8 classes – Investment $225.

DROP-INS – $30 – no drop-ins after the first class of the series unless you have Continuum experience.

DISCOUNTS: Students & underemployed: 20% off 

RETREAT DAYS IN VANCOUVER     –Interweaving the connection of our inner, dynamic, fluid selves through the Continuum processes of breath, sound and intrinsic movement with the play of our dreams and dreamtime images, ritual and expressive arts.

SATURDAYS @ Source Point Studio – 3263 Heather (between W16 & 17)                                  12-5pm – Investment – $75 ($65 for underemployed)

October 15th“Letting Go – Shifting Habit Patterns” – Neuroscience speaks to brain & cell plasticity & our ability to add new connections no matter what our age or life experiences. Habitual patterns in our brains & our lives get in the way of this happening.

November 26th“Descent into Soul” – Our souls are calling to us to deepen into ourselves in order to heal & to reconnect to the external world by slowing down & dropping down into the mysteries, into our unknown potentials.


Contact: Doris Maranda @, or             604-254-0147      ,

DORIS MARANDA, MA, is an authorized Continuum Movement teacher (, a Registered Clinical Counsellor and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner ( “To me, this work is a spiritual practice and has opened me up to possibilities of living embodied that I had only begin to envision in my work as a psyche/somatherapist and educator. It is the basis for everything that I do. In movement, there is no separation and as we begin to live, breathing, moving and expressing our experiences, there comes a joining and a wholeness that leads to healing and to a creative excitation that counteracts the insanity and fragmentation that we encounter in the world around us.”



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