Summer Greetings and Remembering Emilie on August 31

Warm fluid summer greetings!

(Please note event on August 31st – see below)

Since Emilie’s passing on April 14 of this year, I have been so aware of how many beings who have been influential in my life, have passed from our earth planet in the past year: Maya Angelou on May 23 of this year, Rita MacNeil in April 2013, and Susan Harper’s Mother, Mary Jane, in May. It feels like a potent time to reflect on what dying, leaving our earthly body means to me. It also brings to mind what exit I personally may be heading towards as I celebrated my 77th birthday this June. In every moment, there is the interplay between beginnings and endings but I sense an increasing turning inward with the passing years as the exit looms.

June has been a full month, with Sam Berne’s workshop on Visual Alchemy at the beginning of June, tending to the interplay of how we really see, how our eyes reflect everything that’s going on in our bodies, and how our beliefs and attitudes come into play. With so much enthusiasm, Sam will be back next June. Then a weekend on Galiano with my women’s movement group, followed last weekend by the retreat, Deepening into Light, immersing ourselves into Continuum and the creative process with a long period of silence on the Sunshine Coast. This week I go to my heavenly retreat at our waterfront cabin on Cortes Island for a time to integrate and digest all of the above, or at least to continue on with that process.

Another event is planned to honour Emilie Conrad and the legacy she has bequeathed to us. Before she died, she requested that there be a world-wide dive on August 31, September 1st and 2nd. On August 31st, there will be an afternoon gathering from 1pm to 6pm at the Full Circle Studio, 1183 Odlum Dr., in Vancouver (E of Clark Dr and S of Venables). We will have a 2 hour Continuum dive at the beginning, followed by a film that was made a few years ago, called “Em Moves.” The film was made by her long term friend and videographer, Hanna Hetting, and is beautifully done with vignettes showing Emilie moving, teaching, performing, and walking around the streets of Brooklyn with Hanna where she grew up. There will not be a formal event here on September 1 & 2, although I would encougage you to mark that time on you r own in some way. Teas will be available and admission will be by donation. Please RSVP as space is limited.

My fall schedule has been posted on my website and a Fall Newsletter will be coming out at the end of the summer with further details.

Hoping to see you soon and bathe with you in the healing Moving Medicine waters of Continuum,

With love and blessings, Doris

June 25, 2014

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