Summer 2008

Greetings for the summer season, slowly but surely approaching! As the warm breezes become more prevalent, warming us up inside as well as outside, we think of summer plans as well as the lazy, hazy days, non-planning and non-doing that this season generates in us.

Coming out of my 6 months sabbitical, I offer to you the following schedule for the summer. As well, in July I will be resuming my counselling practice and will be making appointments in June.

Source Point Studio is located @ 3263 Heather between W 16th & 17th. Investment: Sliding scale: $60-$80.

MOVING FROM DEPRIVATION TO ABUNDANCE – Summer is a time of fullness, an expansion of the composting time of winter which has moved into the seeding, the budding of new visions and beginnings of the spring. In this retreat day we will ask what helps to lead you to a fuller sense of yourself in your life and what stops you from coming to a realization and expression of your true essence.

Through Continuum’s intricate sound sequences accompanied by movement explorations, we connect to our inner, dynamic fluid selves. We inculcate environments designed to elicit new creative responses, like a “movement tour,” expanding our range of interaction and encourage new “plays” within our bodies and with the environment. We will interweave this creative sourcing into the play of our dreams and dreamtime images, ritual and expressive arts.

CONTINUUM MOVEMENT CLASS SERIES – 4 Thursdays 9:30-11:30AM – July 24-August 14
@ Source Point Studio. Investment for series: $110. Drop in $30 (with Continuum experience).
I have never held classes in the summer but am eager to resume my teaching again & pass on some of the latest innovations from Emilie Conrad & Susan Harper, as well as some of the elements I have been exploring in this sabbitical/retreat time. I am hoping you will join me and we shall see what emerges from our individual expressions and the field we create together.

REMINDER – Moving Medicine with Emilie Conrad @ Hollyhock, August 24-29.
Contact: or 1-800-933-6339.

With love & blessings, Doris


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