Newsletter Fall 2009


With our beautiful and leisurely summer time coming to an end for this year, we turn towards the lessening of the light and the approaching dark time of the year, the entry into autumn and retreating within.

Michael Meade’s latest CD, “The Light Within the Dark Times” has inspired me, as Michael often does. He speaks of two movements, ascending into light/spirit and then descending into dark/soul and the need for both. In these difficult, dark times of our world (which is being reflected in many personal lives), our souls are calling us to gather and to deepen into ourselves. “If you’re falling fast, the only way to react is to dive down deeper.” Spirit is connected to faith and we are seeing a loss of faith in the systems, in our culture’s ways of interacting with our world. The soul brings the healing, the reconnecting to the eternal world, the world behind the world, touching once again into the mysteries.

This will be the theme of my second Mini-Workshop in November, recreating the path through our somatic realm to the depths of soul and the eternal world. The initial descent is through the body, perceiving through the senses which takes us part of the way, the soul the rest. That is the place of surrender, entering endarkenment, allowing the soul, moving from the inside out, to find the way.

From Rumi, You are uneven in your opening, sometimes closed, sometimes unreachable, sometimes with your torn shirt of longing wrapped around your heart. Your discursive intellect dominates for a time, then the universal, beyond time and intelligence, begins to come again. So sell your questioning talents and buy more bewildering surrender.

Following are my fall offerings for your contemplation. Would love to have you join us – we can perceive and descend together. Wherever people gather, it is a ceremony!

With love & blessings, DORIS

August 27, 2009


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