Newsletter Fall 2013

Greetings on this lovely day – our amazing summer is transitioning and gently shifting into fall, so thoughts emerge of resuming classes, workshops and planning for the season.

From “Symbiotic Planet”by Lynn Margulis, a brilliant and readable scientist, well-known for her work on the evolutionary origins of cell life and Gaia theory,” what I am most drawn to is the concept of Symbiosis and how it relates to our lives and our evolutionary growth. As we know, our outlook shapes what we see and what we know. From her perspective, all beings alive today are equally evolved. There are no higher beings, no lower animals. We are not special, just recent. Human similarities to other life forms are far more striking than the differences. We have evolved from billions of years of interactions among highly responsive microbes! Gaia is just symbiosis as seen from space – all organisms are touching because all are bathed in the same air and the same flowing water.

New species arise from symbiotic mergers among members of old ones. Symbiogenesis brings together unlike individuals to make larger, more complex entities, reemerging in a new wholeness. Throughout earth’s history, living associations form and dissolve. This is life, both individually and collectively.
So for us in our pursuit of wholeness and becoming more of who we really are, this symbiotic process is crucial. Within our organisms, whether we are conscious of it or not, our billions of cells are constantly interacting with the environment. When we consciously participate, this process is enhanced and the connection with all life is restored.

Exciting addition to the Continuum section of my website, is a video clip, excerpts from a longer interview with me this spring, after our Immersion weekend by Andy Gelowitz. Also at the bottom of the Continuum section, are two video clips with Emilie Conrad, one on “What is Continuum” and the other with Emilie moving on the Explore Board. Check them out! It is great to add visuals which express the language of movement much more effectively than we can with words.

Heading into the fall, we will begin (see details below) with an introductory class @ Yoga on 7th on Friday, September 27th then join Cherionna who returns to Vancouver with her “Heart of the Embryo” Continuum workshop on that weekend. The following weekend, Ingrid and I offer our workshop in Courtenay on Continuum and writing. There will be another Deepening into Continuum in November and a retreat day in December. I am also hoping to have another Immersion Continuum gathering but that is still in the planning stages so will notify you when that occurs. The Immersion Continuum requires Continuum experience, as does the Deepening into Continuum so if you are interested and new to Continuum, please attend my classes or Cherionna’s workshop.

Warm, fluid love & blessings to all, Doris

August 21, 2013

Offerings for the fall – we would be delighted to have you join us:

CONTINUUM CLASSES resume with a Free Introductory Class on Friday September 27th @ Yoga on 7th, 156 E 7th, from 11am-2pm. Please register for this class with Doris – 604-254-0147 or
8 week ongoing series will follow from October 11 – November 29. Investment: $250, underemployed 20% discount, $220 early discount if registered by September 15. To ensure your space, send a $50 deposit to Doris Maranda, #115-2033 Triumph St., Vancouver BC V5L 4X3
Drop in $30. No drop in after 1st class unless Continuum experience.

Embryology & Continuum with Cherionna Menzam-Stills, September 28 & 29 @ Inner Evolution Healing Centre, 3263 Heather. (can combine with my fall free introductory class on Friday, September 27, @ Yoga on 7th).

Opening up the Words: Intuitive Movement into Writing
with Continuum Teacher Doris Maranda & Writer Ingrid Rose.

Courtenay – October 4-6, 2013.
Information & registration: Medwyn McConachy, 250-331-0233,

Deepening into Continuum – Saturday November 2, 1:30-9:30pm & Sunday November 3 from 10am-5pm @ Inner Evolution Healing Center, 3263 Heather St.
Investment: $195, $165 underemployed & early discount by October 15th.
(Continuum experience is necessary.)
We will come together Saturday afternoon and move into our individual silent play in the evening, maintain the silence when leaving and re-entering in the morning and then emerging from the silent time in the afternoon. The silence is always part of the Continuum depth retreats and referred to as the “all-nighters.” It truly is amazing how much this format with the silence can assist in the slowing down and dropping down which is so necessary to connect to the worlds beneath the world.

Retreat Day  – Sunday, December 1 from 12-5pm @ Inner Evolution Healing Center, 3263 Heather St. (Details will follow later).

With Susan Harper:
December 7-8 in Seattle WA. Information & registration:

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