Newsletter Summer 2015

Greetings as we transit smoothly and subtly into summer, into aspects of new life that have been seeded, blooming and expanding in the surround of ever more warmth and light. Time to resonate with that expansiveness in our own bodies and souls, and to let the worries and cares and productivity of our busy lives take a break – rest, relax and drink in the lusciousness of the season.

Summer plans extend to shifting our weekly Continuum classes to practice groups which will be held at a lovely studio @ 1392 E 3rd Ave near Clark Dr. We have decided to keep to Fridays and the dates will be July 10 & 24, August 14 & 28 and September 18. Time will be from 10:30am to 12:30pm & admission will be by donation. If you do not have Continuum experience you are still welcome to come but just know that there will not be as much instruction as at the usual classes. If you are interested in attending some of the practice groups, please send me your name & email address & I will send out a group reminder before each of the above dates.

If you would like a longer, residential Continuum experience, check out the Hollyhock calendar for Continuum & Water, taught by Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz and will be held August 4-9 on Cortes Island. I will be attending, as well as Angela Thurston from Victoria, assisting Donnalea. For further information & registration, contact Hollyhock 1-800 933-6339 –

Dr Sam Berne will be returning here the last weekend in September 25-27 with Vision & Neuroplasticity: transforming physical, emotional & psychological maps. There will also be a talk and book signing at Banyen on Wednesday September 23 from 6:30-8:00

For more information & registration: Saskia Soeterik,
See flyer for details

Preview for this fall, it is time for me to begin to slow down my teaching career, although I will still continue my private somatic counselling practice. There will no longer be weekly Friday classes but I am checking into spaces and times for a monthly mini-workshop on a weekend. I would still be involved in a practice group if someone is willing to organize it. If you are interested, please get in touch with me.

This June marks my 27th year with Continuum, my 35th year as a Counsellor in private practice and workshop leader and the 78th year of my life. It all feels auspicious and much has occurred in this last decade of my life , entering into a such a different phase, with more slowing down of the functional, productive, being out in the world as I have been previously. Some of this has been accelerated with the health issues of post polio and some has been the aspects of this latter time of my life, heading into home base, so to speak. I am finding it to be challenging, difficult at times but leading me into places not well known to me and still mysterious in many ways. Again, there is much to learn to arrive at a place of peace and contentment, yet still remain vital to the life force within and around me.

With warm, fluid love & blessings, Doris

June 6, 2015

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