Spring 2007

Greetings to All!

Enjoy the budding of new life, the exquisitely rich colours of our blossoming trees and participate with your own budding of yearnings and desires within.     It is time to dream new visions, new possibilities, new buds from the pruning and letting go of the branches that were leaking out old energies and stifling the new growth which is pressing to come into being.

The schedule page now has the spring schedule of Continuum classes and workshops in Vancouver and also Emilie Conrad’s workshop in Seattle in June.      Please note the opportunities to get a free introduction to Continuum:    May 3 through Banyen on the occasion of the publication of Emilie Conrad’s book and two free introductory classes the morning & evening of April 25th.    The Summer Newsletter will be coming out later.   Usually I do not have ongoing classes in the summer but last year because of requests, held a small class in the morning.     Please let me know if you are interested in an ongoing summer class and if you are, what time of day or day of the week would work for you.     In addition, I will schedule one or two Retreat Days in the summer.    The last two retreat days have been well attended and received and I find them creative, stimulating and rewarding both for myself and for the participants.

With love & blessings, Doris


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