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Emerging from the cocoon of my “retreat” time over the past 6 months, I am sending out this message to you, my community in Vancouver. I feel like a novice in some sense, testing once again the waters of teaching the Continuum work that I love & that touches my heart, body, mind, soul and spirit, I seek to find messages & ways (both new and old) to weave you into the spell of the Continuum tools and processes with what I have been soaking in in the past while in this difficult, challenging and yet healing journey that I’ve been on.

One day I was sitting in my front room, glanced over at my bookcase & pulled out the book “Grace & Grit” by Ken Wilber, the story of his & his beloved wife’s, Treya Killam Wilber, five year journey as they dealt with her initial diagnosis of breast cancer following their marriage and the ongoing challenges leading up to her death. I first read this book in 1993, when my husband was in the last stages of his life, dealing with a brain tumour, in fact it is his book. It also contains many of Treya’s journal entries. It’s so amazing rereading books at times. This has been one of the most powerful books I’ve ever read; many times I was moved to tears and amazed at the insights they gained and where they came to at the end of her life.

A quote in the book from Nanama Maharish maintains that “only in befriending our suffering, our illness, our pain, could we truly find a larger and more encompassing identity with the All, with the Self, who is not the victim of life but its impartial Witness and Source. And, especially befriend death, the ultimate teacher.” In Treya’s words, “Because I can no longer ignore death, I pay more attention to life.”

Some of you may be attending Emilie Conrad’s workshop in Seattle next month so I will see you there. I am anticipating immersing myself in the Continuum field of her “Moving Medicine,” workshop to dip deep into the waters & launch myself back into teaching this summer. I will be offering two Sunday Retreat Days in July & August (details below) . Regular classes & workshops will resume in the fall.

In addition to the teaching of Continuum, I will be resuming my counselling practice with renewed insight into how to deal with ongoing & recurring crises and challenges in our lives. It seems so strange but ever so true, that until one has dealt with suffering in the Buddhist sense that a basic truth is that “there is suffering,” and managing to meet that pain with love, letting it be as it is, and in some sense even embracing it and meeting it with mercy instead of fear and hatred, then we cannot know fully compassion for ourselves and others. However, before this meeting and embracing, one usually has to deal with the emotions that arise be they despair, fear, “why me,” sadness and grief.

Otherwise, it is an empty coping and enduring with no heart. Such a challenge, to learn from the information contained in the emotions which is our life force, without delving into their poisons, or taking up residency therein.

It is Mother’s Day as I am writing this, so to all of you in your “Mothering” ways, I wish you much nuturance and richness in your life, both in the giving and in the receiving of caring and support for one another and sending that level of compassion out to all beings everywhere. One of the reasons that this time of healing has been so incredible for me has been the love and support of my community of family and friends. I could not have come through this without you. All who have sent messages, as well as visiting, preparing meals and taking care of me in so many ways, you have my undying gratitude and love.

With love & blessings, Doris

May 8th, 2011



SUNDAY, JULY 10TH @ Yoga on 7th, 156 E7th, (enter @ side off alley)

Theme, “Lost & Found” – In a dream a few weeks ago, I found myself feeling dreadfully lost & attempting to find my way back to familiar landmarks. The feeling was profound as it is when one enters a state of losing (loosening) familiar & habitual landmarks. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Yet, it is utterly necessary, yet difficult to let go of those comfortable places (even when we want to) in order to move on to a new & more coherent state of being.

In this retreat day, we will explore through the Continuum processes of breath, sound, subtle, inner & dynamic movements as well as expressive art tools, to enable this transition to become a rich & nurturing transformation.

Investment: $75 ($65 for underemployed)


SUNDAY, AUGUST 7TH @ Source Point Studio, 3261 Heather St (@16th Ave.)

Theme, “From the self to the Self” – Although the self is an important developmental phase in our lives which creates a sense of identity & our place in the scheme of things, there comes a time when it is important “to die to the separate self,” & come to embrace the larger expanse of the Self, which is our connection & Source . This differs for each of us, both in its context & when it occurs in our life, as well as moving in & out of the self to the Self. They are contrasting experiences & can be complementary. We need to let the self be affected & infused by the experience of the Self.

In this retreat day, we will use the Continuum processes of breath, sound, & subtle, inner & dynamic movement, as well as expressive art tools to explore these two states, letting them dialogue with one another & finding the embodied ease in each & in their blending.

Investment: $75 ($65 for underemployed)

Special 10% Discount: Take advantage of two weekend retreats to nourish your body & soul by combining this retreat day with Tannis Hugill’s weekend workshop, Friday evening, August 12th & Saturday, August 13th @ Yoga on 7th, “Moving into Stillness; Opening the Heart.” For more info:, 604-267-9951.



Contact: Doris Maranda @, or 604-254-0147,








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