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 What an amazing time of the year, echoing with the earth’s receding into dark, creative rest, restoring energies germinating within us and the turning of the light beginning to emerge. The earth calls out to us to join her in this hibernative time yet around us we see in our culture, signals to gaiety. As well as party gatherings, I visualize restful, meditative gatherings of people, honouring the external earth calling to us to resonate with her internally. Our culture values much more turning to the ascending movement of the light rather than the descending of the dark & the creative rest from the composting that is occurring in the earth and in us. We need both movements.

Our greatest fear is a fear of death. Recently, I revisited a film, produced by CBC some years ago and narrated beautifully by Leonard Cohen, on “The Tibetan Book of the Dead.” I found myself much moved by the reading of the text of this book to the dead person by the Tibetan monk cautioning the dead person to listen as he goes through the Bardos, watching our for the monsters that emerge, reminding him that they are the products of the mind and to continue on his journey. I think that we also go through the “Bardos” during the transitions that occur during our lives, calling on us for movement, change & transformation.

We can listen to the wisdom that is offered by the Tibetan tradition during these times and keep moving forward, connecting to our felt senses, to the present moment, to help us contain and ground during these powerful, yet difficult transition times.

Recently, I have been noticing how potent transitions are and how we often go from one event to another, without much reflecting or dropping down. This was most striking to me when I have travelled to a very different culture and have noticed the time it takes for me to really be present in this new context that I have entered. Even more simply, I have been practising taking the time each day upon awakening to make the transition from sleeping to waking, rather than jumping out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off or something else wakes me up. Or even simpler, each breath you take (10,000 breaths a day) is an opportunity to make the transition from inhaling to exhaling, from exhaling to inhaling, with your sensory awareness, a creative & healing experience.

With love & blessings for the season and for your transitions,


December 15th, 2011


CONTINUUM CLASSES IN VANCOUVER – FREE INTRODUCTORY CLASS – Friday, January 27, 2012, 11am-2pm @ Yoga on 7th, 156 E 7th between Main & Quebec, entrance on side off alley. (Please contact Doris to register for this introductory session.) Followed by 8 week ongoing series, February 3-March 23, 11am-2pm. Investment $225 (20% discount for underemployed).

CONTINUUM CLASSES IN NORTH VANCOUVER – Wednesdays, 9:30am – 12:30pm, February 1 – March 21 @ Alchemy Centre, 3-431 Mountain Hwy, North Vancouver (exit on Main St off Second Narrows Bridge or Upper Levels Hwy, turn right onto Mountain Hwy.) Investment $225 (20% discount for underemployed).

Please send $50 deposit to register for class series. You may make-up a missed class if you are registered in one series by going to a class in the other series.

DROP-IN FOR ABOVE CLASSES $30. No drop-in after 1st class unless you have Continuum experience.

MINI-WORKSHOP – Sunday March 18th, 2-5pm @ Yoga on 7th. Investment: $45 (20% discount for underemployed). Please send $25 deposit to register for this workshop.

Theme – Emerging – Crossing the Threshold – an opportunity to see & explore how endings contain the seeds of new beginnings and how we cross the threshold into a new and yet connected flow from within us to the wider spheres surrounding us.

RETREAT DAY – Saturday, February 18th 12-5pm @ Source Point Studio, 3263 Heather St. Between W16 & 17. Investment $75 ($65 for underemployed). Please send $25 deposit to register for this workshop.

Theme – Lost & Found, revisiting this theme from last summer’s retreat day. It is a profound feeling, being lost and attempting to find one’s way back to familiar and habitual landmarks. Yet it is necessary to enter a state of losing (loosening) these habitual landmarks, even though difficult (even when we want to) in order to move on to a new and more coherent state of being. We will explore through the Continuum processes of breath, sound, subtle, inner & dynamic movements as well as expressive art tools, to enable this transition to become a rich and nurturing transformation.

An opportunity for a enriched weekend experience by combining this Retreat Day with ingrid rose’s workshop on Sunday February 19th for a 10% discount for each workshop. The theme of her writing from the body workshop (a wonderful combination of Continuum processes & writing) is re-member-ing: writing autobiographically. A fitting follow-up after you have “found yourself” in the Continuum retreat day on Saturday! For ingrid’s workshop:

Coming up after Easter: Following increasing requests for a longer dive into the Continuum waters, I have booked Source Point Studio for a Deepening intoContinuum Movement workshop: Saturday evening, April 28th, 6:30-9:30pm & Sunday, April 29th from 10-5pm. Details to follow.


Contact: Doris Maranda      604-254-0147      ,

DORIS MARANDA, MA, is an authorized Continuum Movement teacher (, a Registered Clinical Counsellor and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner ( “To me, this work is a spiritual practice and has opened me up to possibilities of living embodied that I had only begin to envision in my work as a psyche/somatherapist and educator. It is the basis for everything that I do. In movement, there is no separation and as we begin to live, breathing, moving and expressing our experiences, there comes a joining and a wholeness that leads to healing and to a creative excitation that counteracts the insanity and fragmentation that we encounter in the world around us.”



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