Addendum to Fall Newsletter

Having just returned last Tuesday from our annual Continuum teachers retreat, I find it is important to update what I shared on my last email message to you. First of all, an error was made in the subject line of my vacation responder stating that I was unable to respond due to health reasons. That message was from an earlier time but in some sense it was appropriate as my attending the teachers’ retreat was important to my “health,” both physically, mentally & emotionally. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

Following the incident of the infection, the subsequent surgeries & medical interventions from last fall, as I returned to my life activities, I found myself feeling rather lost, not really knowing who I was any more nor quite how to engage in the activities in my life that have sustained me. In the retreat time, I realized that what I faced was a life & death situation & that has deepened my sense of what it means to be human. The exit door beckoned & yet I came back, but not being quite the same as I was before.

As a consequence, I was able to enter into the Continuum processes at a much deeper & more slower, dropped down way than ever before. The organic response in my body was amazing & carried through into new aspects of moving, walking & being with my body, mind & soul.

When I wrote my last message to you, I was still at the “struggling with it” stage which we do have to honour & stay with, no matter the tendency to rush through it, get on with life, cope and so on. The slowing down is key. Upon entering back into the city & the life around me, I find the pace is out of sync with the field I’ve been in. And I, like so many of us, find it a challenge to maintain a more organic, fluid, bio-intelligent approach to how I walk, eat, wash my dishes, bringing in a more Zen-like, more aware & slower aspect to these everyday activities. The reward is great & yet the habits are strong.

With love & blessings to you in your journey to lead a more fully engaged life, Doris

I am excited to bring some of my newfound discoveries to my upcoming fall offerings, beginning with a free introduction to Continuum on Wednesday, September 28, 9:30am-12:30pm @ Alchemy which will be followed by an 8 week series. The intent for the 3 hour class is to allow enough time for each person to get the richness out of our explorations.

The Retreat Days are October 15th & November 26th from 12-5pm @ Source Point – there is a 10% discount if you attend both days.

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