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On my 75th birthday this past June which I spent at our waterfront cabin on Cortes Island, I wrote the following in my journal:

“—many ponderings about the remainder of my life and where these spiritual and physical challenges shall lead me.   I saw a film a few weeks ago based on the true story of a potato farmer in South Africa who came to an incredible turning point in his life about putting his trust in God.   Although this was Christian based, it really struck a chord in me, in that his ability to totally trust and have faith in this higher being and purpose in life for himself and his community was something that I dip into now and then.   

It feels like this is the direction in which I need to go now, to trust in that higher intelligence and to pray (as I do) to that intelligence for guidance & direction.   Perhaps I am not aware of the answers to this prayer or perhaps it is so subtle that it is difficult to decipher.   I will keep holding this insight and listen more carefully, not letting the held beliefs or monkey-mind thoughts get in the way.”

In many ways, I keep coming back to these reflections, knowing that they speak to me and steer me in a direction in which I need to pursue in my life. The theme of “Deep Listening” (upon which the Retreat Day December 2nd is based), occurs to me most strongly. I believe messages come to us, both from our own inner, intuitive heart and gut wisdom as well as from our guides in the universe. Yet we don’t hear them or if we do, we either dismiss them as “unrealistic” or don’t delve more deeply into their meaning.

From Pauline Oliveros’ wisdom, I offer you the following:

 I pray for deep listening in the new century–listening alone–listening together–listening to others—listening to oneself—listening to the earth—listening to the universe—listening to the abundance that is—awakening to and feeling sound and silence as all there is—helping to create an atmosphere of opening for all to be heard, with the understanding that listening is healing. Deep listening in all its variations is infinite. Deep listening is love.
–Pauline Oliveros
Composer, New York

Please note Susan Harper‘s visit to our area this fall – weekend in Seattle, October 26-28. Don’t miss an opportunity to work with Susan, a beloved and inspiring teacher. See below for details.

With love & blessings to you as you attend to your soul’s journey,

August 29th, 2012

OFFERINGS for this season – delighted to have you join us:

CONTINUUM IN KAMLOOPS – September 20 (introductory evening), September 21-23 – weekend workshop. For information & regsitration, contact: Audrey Meuse, 250-573-2789,

CONTINUUM CLASSES IN VANCOUVER – FREE INTRODUCTORY CLASS – Friday, September 28, 2012, 11am-2pm @ Yoga on 7th, 156 E 7th between Main & Quebec, entrance on side off alley. (Please contact Doris to register for this introductory session.) Followed by 8 week ongoing series, October 5 – November 23, 11am-2pm. Investment $225 (20% discount for underemployed).
Early discount $200 if registered by September 15.
Please send $50 deposit to register for class series.

DROP-IN FOR ABOVE CLASSES $30. No drop-in after 1st class unless you have Continuum experience.

RETREAT DAY “DEEP LISTENING” – Saturdey, October 27 –
12-5pm. @ Inner Evolution Healing Centre (formerly Source Point Studio), 3263 Heather St (between W16 & 17).
Investment: $75 ($65 underemployed) – 10% early discount if registered by October 13.

In this retreat day, we will cultivate the art of dropping down and listening deeply with our auditory channels as well as out soul channels, hearing the fluid rhythms and tuning into the deep vibrations of life/love.

We will weave together the connection of our inner dynamic fluid selves through the Continuum processes of breath, sound and movement, with the play of our dreams, dreamtime imagery, ritual and expressive arts.

Deepening into Continuum @ Inner Evolution Healing Centre (formerly Source Point Studio) 3263 Heather St., between 16 & 17 Ave. Saturday, December 1 – 6:30-9:30pm & Sunday, December 2 – 10am-5pm. $125 ($100 underemployed), $100 early discount by November 15. Open only to participants with Continuum experience.

At the request of participants wanting a more intensive time with the Continuum processes, this workshop enables us to dive deeper into the intrinsic sources of our organism and its connection to the larger realm. Last year’s participants were amazed at the profound depths of their experience in that short space of time.

We will come together Friday evening and move into our individual silent play towards the end of the evening, maintain the silence when leaving and re-entering in the morning and then emerging from the silent time in the afternoon. The silence is always part of the Continuum depth retreats and referred to as the “allnighters.” It truly is amazing how much this format with the silence can assist in the slowing down and dropping down which is so necessary to connect to the worlds beneath the world.

Contact: Doris Maranda      604-254-0147      ,

DORIS MARANDA, MA, is an authorized Continuum Movement teacher (, a Registered Clinical Counsellor and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner ( “To me, this work is a spiritual practice and has opened me up to possibilities of living embodied that I had only begin to envision in my work as a psyche/soma therapist and educator. It is the basis for everything that I do. In movement, there is no separation and as we begin to live, breathing, moving and expressing our experiences, there comes a joining and a wholeness that leads to healing and to a creative excitation that counteracts the insanity and fragmentation that we encounter in the world around us.”

604-254-0147 or

Workshops with Susan Harper in this area: Details:

Deepening in Mystery Intensive with Susan & Penny Allport – October 31-November 5, on the Sunshine Coast –

Heart of Belonging – October 26-28 in Seattle
Contact –

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