Continuum Peace Event September 21, 2012

Greetings to my Continuum folks!

Following is a message I received from the Continuum studio re a global peace event on September 21 @ 4:30pm PST. I will be teaching in Kamloops at that time so am not able to organize a gathering here in Vancouver. Therefore, I am inviting any of you who wish to participate to sign up for the teleconference (if you have Continuum buddies, you could do it together). Just click on the link below to sign up &/or view the short video of Emilie’s peace dive.

Please feel free to share this announcement with anyone you think may be interested.

Wishing you peace, resonance and love, Doris

Emilie was asked to participate in the Summer of Peace 2012 by Kennedy Braden who is involved with the Shift Network and other organizations. We put together a video of a simple peace dive Emilie did and we will do globally on September 21 at 4:30pm US Pacific time. This will coincide with other peace events around the world on sept 21. We will host a live event at 4:30 in the Continuum studio in Santa Monica and broadcast live as a teleconference. The teleconference will be recorded and available shortly after the call.

Kennedy will be sending out the announcement to different communities around the globe and posting info about our events on several sites and places, potentially reaching thousands of people, most of which will be new to Continuum.

We have set up a web page where Emilie’s event/video are listed and people can sign up and your events will be listed there as well. It is at

Several emails will be going out about the events between now and September 21. Kennedy is meeting tomorrow with the Shift Network and Peace Collaborators and will be sharing what we are doing.

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